The next generation bone substitute

The next generation bone substitute

In orthopedic surgeries, having enough bone tissue available can be a challenge. Autografts are currently the main procedure for bone substitution.

However, autografts present several disadvantages such as a second surgery site, longer operating time, potential complications, etc. Allografts are another option, but unfortunately source material availability and quality are not always secured; the cost may also be an impediment to the use of such an alternative.

BIOCERA-VET® BONE SURGERY product line offers a wide range of synthetic and biological bone substitutes indicated for any surgery requiring a bone graft, such as arthrodesis, fractures, corrective osteotomies, or tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA), etc.

BIOCERA-VET BONE SURGERY RTU and BIOCERA-VET GRANULES, high-quality synthetic biocompatible calcium-phosphate bone substitutes, and BIOCERA-VET SMARTGRAFT, a naturally osteoconductive bone graft, are safe, easy to use and high-performance medical devices now available in veterinary medicine.


Ready-to-use highly injectable
self-hardening calcium-phosphate